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Mirror of Health“The human foot has been called the mirror of health because your feet mirror your general health, so if we gave our feet some care and attention then so many problems would be solved”When i started in 1996 my vision and objectives were to follow-up with latest footwear fashion and comfort in the same time that enables us to produce unique Egyptian product which gives great attention to design while still respecting the look for the latest Italian footwear trends, create ‘’MR.Joe’’ brand name for those who would adore the stylish design, comfort and healthy footwear, develop and market a range if top quality Ladies footwear made in Egypt. In 1998, the first branch of “MR.Joe” was opened to provide the market with top Italian Ladies footwear fashion, and in 2000. From those humble beginnings, “MR.Joe” was opened with 250 square meters and established itself as a leading manufacture.“MR.Joe” footwear products have now become a quality name due to several years of hard working in 2002, we were able to open the second branch and ensure that “Mr.Joe” the brand name that was created is exported around the world and nation wide. The further enhance our image and vision, a larger factory with 1000 square meters was opened to produce 200 pair of shoes daily.We attribute our success to being a market driven company . Listening to what our customers need and interpreting those needs into well designed products, manufactured at premium quality standards Welcome to you in our fashion club."

شيك وحلو جدا في البس

مدام حنان البوت وصل بسرعة وحلو جدا
Great service, fast shipping, and very reasonable prices for products of such quality!
سامية احمد
الاوردر وصل واخدت مودلين شكرا
Product quality is top-notch. Shipping is fast. Customer service is AMAZING. I honestly can't recommend them enough.
اماني محمد
شكرا لذوقكم البالطو حلو وخامتة حلوه وطالبته واحد تاني
I actually had to order this from overseas as UK shops don't seem to stock anything similar. Shipping was surprisingly fast and affordable.
اسراء محمد عمر
بجد شكرا جدا البوت وصل وحلو اوي



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